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15 Healthy and Easy Game Day Recipes (Healthy)

The most important part of watching football is all the game day food. Healthy and easy, insanely delicious finger food is the way to go.  So I am busting out some of our favorite healthy game day recipes. 

Fish Tacos with an Easy Spicy Dipping Sauce

There’s nothing better than enjoying the game with a fish taco in your hand! Extra points for this amazing spicy dipping sauce recipe. Set out a DIY assembly station and enjoy the game!

seafood tacos on a white plate with a lime wedge.

Crispy Chicken Wraps with Cheese

Filled with chicken, green onion, cheese, and creamy ranch, these Crispy Chicken Wraps are the perfect handheld game day snack!

fired crispy chicken cheese wraps with ranch.

Fresh from the Oven Homemade French Fries

Classic French Fries can’t skip out on this occasion! Dip them into ketchup, ranch, or any other homemade dipping sauce and enjoy fresh out of the oven.


Baked Chicken Wings From Scratch at Home

But for the popular game day finger food, make sure to add these chicken wings to the menu. You can never go wrong with chicken wings. They are easy to prepare, serve, and bite into. These baked chicken wings are coated in a homemade spice rub, then roasted to crispy perfection. They’re perfect for game day, parties, or an easy weeknight dinner.

Baked Chicken Wings with an Easy Seasoning From Scratch

How to Make Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza

And what’s a party without pizza. No need to compromise on flavor, this Cauliflower Crust Veggie Pizza is a tasty treat. The crust is perfectly seasoned, and the combination of fresh mozzarella and basil is classic and delicious!

Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Easy and Simple Crab Salad Appetizer Snack

What’s a party without the crab dip! A simple bowl of this Crab Salad is great addition to a healthy game day party. Dip crackers into it and enjoy.

crab salad snack on a white plate and in a bowl with crackers and a small dish of green onion on the side with a grey plate of crackers.

Chunky and Easy Avocado Salsa

This chunky and easy avocado salsa goes well with any kind of chips you have on hand. This salsa will take you just a couple minutes to whip up.

Chunky and Easy Avocado Salsa

Feta Spinach Puffs from Puff Pastry

Crispy, flaky, cheese and healthy is my kind of party food. Warm Feta spinach Puffs are easy to put together and make a great individual treat.

Puff Pastry Spinach Puffs

Creamy, Crispy and Cheesy Baked Stuffed Mushroom Bites

These Scrumptious Mushroom bites are crispy, cheesy, full of vitamins savory appetizer.

Creamy, Crispy and Cheesy Baked Stuffed Mushroom Bites

Easy Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Bake with Tomatoes

These Bruschetta Chicken Bake is crispy baguette, moist chicken, juicy red tomatoes, and shredded cheese that pulls everything together.

Easy Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Bake with Tomatoes

Easy Roasted Okra with Simple Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Easy Roasted Okra is paired with a Simple Yogurt Dipping Sauce for easy and accessible snack between meals. Make the dipping sauce dairy free and you’ve got a recipe that’s perfect for any dietary preferences!


The Best Guacamole Recipe to Serve with Chips

Serving the best guacamole at your party is a no brainer! Make it ahead, surround it with some chips and sit back and enjoy some creamy, crunchy goodness.

The Best Guacamole Recipe to Serve with Chips

The Best Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries

Don’t forget the sweets! This Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries is simple, easy to make, and super refreshing!

yogurt bark in chunks in a bowl with berries and nuts.

Easy Grilled Sweet Ginger Pineapple Slices

Fresh and simple, Grilled Pineapple Slices are seasoned with honey and ginger to make a healthy and tasty dessert option.


Cream Cheese Danish with Berries

Easy to serve and easy to eat, a Cream Cheese Danish topped with Berries is the perfect way to finish off your game day meals.

cream cheese danish stacked on a plate and lined up on a baking sheet in the background.

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