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The Best Gift Guide for Health & Wellness (under $100)

Happy Holidays! 2022 is almost over and the holidays are already here. This holiday gift guide is a great tool to use when looking for a gift for that special someone, a coworker, or a friend. These incredibly thoughtful and unique gifts are all under $100. There are several categories to choose from: Kitchen, Home, and Wellness. These gift options can support several different areas of their life.

Disclaimer: The links to Amazon are affiliate links. What does this mean? When you purchase one of these gifts through Amazon, I get a small commission from the sale. This doesn’t raise prices for you, though! Here are so many amazing gifts you can give this holiday season!

Holiday Kitchen Gifts

A modern glass teapot with coasters and a tea filter makes tea drinking a 5 star experience.

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This set of ribbed glassware is stackable and don’t slip out of your hands! They provide extra grip.

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A Panini Press Grill is perfect for the sandwich lover in your life. You can take your Grilled Cheese to the next level!

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For the host or hostess in your life, a round charcuterie board with a unique wood finish is perfect.

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Magnetic measuring spoons won’t get lost in the kitchen drawers, are double sided, and even have an oval end for those small jar openings!

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Smart Meat Thermometer will please any BBQ specialist! It’s convenient and pairs with an app on your phone.

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A clear set of cappuccino mugs is for all coffee lovers out there. The flawless design can keep your iced coffee cold and hot coffee perfectly to temperature for a long time.

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Smoothie bowls or soups, these clear bowls can do it all.

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An electric vegetable peeler can cut down on prep time, no problem!

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Electric salt and pepper grinders make cooking a fun experience.

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Holiday Gifts for the Home:

A wooden tic-tac-toe set adds class and an activity to your coffee table!

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This marshmallow scented candle comes with a wick trimmer to keep the home stylish and smelling great!

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Sushi night and a sushi game makes a great evening filled with good food and good fun!

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An indoor herb garden is perfect for the plant lover! They’ll enjoy homegrown herbs.

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A classy coffee table book is a great decoration piece and reading material.

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Simple woven wicker trays are great to store the tic-tac-toe set and book in. Add a blanket and they’re ready to go!

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A classy linen tablecloth subtly dresses up the table.

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fleece weighted blanket is for the sleep lover in your life. They can curl up and enjoy the quality sleep!

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A set of gorgeous floor lamps add a modern and industrial touch to the home.

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Functional and stylish, a handheld steamer makes the chores just a little bit easier.

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Holiday Gifts for Wellness:

Frank Body Scrub Pack leaves your skin feeling soft and exfoliated.

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A tasty tea sampler box has a selection of delicious winter spiced teas!

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Do you have a matcha lover in your life? This full matcha set will have them inviting you over for their own homemade matcha lattes!

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bathtub tray is perfect for the friend that needs a relaxing evening with a movie, a drink, a bath!

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An acupuncture mat helps to relieve back pain and increases energy.

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Mental wellness is important. This book about Eliminating Hurry and staying emotionally healthy is very compelling!

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Memory foam slide slippers are warm, fluffy, and keep your feet relaxed!

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Give the gift of a bright smile! These non-toxic whitening strips whiten teeth without harm.

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dry brush set is a great way to gift glowing skin and a healthy body!

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This Stanley tumbler is great for on the go, at home, or for anyone that needs water. Oh wait, that’s everyone!

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These holiday gifts are ideal for anyone in your life. Maybe you’ll sneak something in for yourself, too. I don’t blame you! You can enroll into a giveaway to win a special kitchen set for yourself or a friend here. (LINK)

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