Easy & Delicious One-Pot Meals for Busy Weeknights


Simple One Pot Cauliflower Soup with Cheese

This recipe not only makes for a perfect weeknight dinner but also guarantees a family-friendly dish that everyone will love.

Best One Pot Chicken and Rice Plov

An amazing and savory one-pot meal with rice, chicken, onions and carrots.

One-Pot Beef Stew

Beef, onion, carrots, potatoes, and tomato sauce come together in one pot

30 Minute Vegetable Soup All-in-one Pot

This vegetable soup is made with hearty vegetable broth, garlic, carrots,  pepper, beans,  tomatoes, green cabbage and  parsley to garnish

One-Pot Hearty Soup with Beef or Lamb

With tender beef or lamb, a variety of veggies, and fresh parsley, this  is the best thing to make for a crowd or a sick family member because it’s a tasty, comforting dish.

Easy Classic Pilaf with Beef

An easy recipe that's filling, requires only one pot and comforting.  This dish is best made with long grain rice!

Quick One Pot Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup

Explore outside your usual soup recipes and try this Thai veggie soup! It's loaded with a variety of veggies, and flavors of garlic, chili and lime.

Vegetarian Asparagus Soup

Not only is this soup a one-pot recipe, it's also ready in less than an hour, vegetarian, and packed with so much nutrition!

Tuscan Soup with White Beans

This simple Tuscan Soup will take you to Italy with it’s flavors and spices! It’s so filling and nutritious, you’ll want seconds.

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