How to Use Your Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Easy Avocado Spread Appetizer with Tomato

Slice and top on your avocado toast! You can also use it to make sandwiches.

Creamy Avocado Tomato Salad with Cucumber

Many salads are great for the hot summer days, but there is no better salad than using the ingredients straight from the garden.

Chicken with Mushrooms in Tomato Sauce

A filling weeknight meal you can make in 30 minutes and use fresh tomatoes from your garden or the market!

Light and Easy Summer Tomato Soup

This soup is, light, healthy, nourishing, comforting, and easy to make.

Simple Avocado Salad  with Tomatoes

Creamy avocado, ripe tomatoes, a small red onion, and English cucumber all work together to make this simple salad.

Cheesy Gluten Free Mushroom Pizza with Avocado

This pizza is much healthier and fewer calories than a regular pizza. It’s full of vitamins and nutrition and great for any time of day.

Fish Tacos with an Easy Spicy Dipping Sauce

Fish tacos with fresh avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and a spicy sauce.

One Pan Oven Baked Fish with Vegetables and Spices

A one dish recipe using all the freshest vegetables and fish making a healthy and easy dinner!

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