What to Make for the Fourth of July


Feta Spinach Puffs from Puff Pastry

These spinach appetizers are a true crowd-pleaser, with a crispy exterior and a creamy, cheesy interior that’s hard to resist.

Watermelon Strawberry Cooler

Cool off with a refreshing watermelon strawberry cooler and top it off with fresh fruit for extra presentation.

Quick Watermelon Summer Salad with Blueberries and Feta

The perfect refreshing salad that matches the color theme and is ready in 15 minutes!

Grilled Sweet Ginger Pineapple Slices

Grilled pineapple is the perfect addition to burgers, for dessert or simply as dessert for your bbq.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Cheese

These little ‘shrooms are stuffed with onion, garlic, sour cream, and mushroom stems. This is the perfect recipe for potlucks and bbqs

Easy Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Bake with Tomatoes

Little chicken sandwiches that feature a crispy baguette, moist chicken, juicy red tomatoes, and shredded cheese that pulls everything together.

Easy Cream Cheese Bell Peppers Appetizer

This little appetizer packs in some bacon, hot sauce and cream cheese, baked to golden brown perfection.

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