All of the Best Crepe Recipes

Simple Crepes with Cream Cheese and Berry Sauce

A twist on classic crepes with a sweet cream cheese filling and paired with homemade berry sauce on the side! You can freeze a batch of these and pull them out, warm in the oven and serve.

Homemade Russian Crepes (Basic Recipe)

This is a classic recipe to have on hand! Make a load of these in under 1 hour and enjoy with condensed milk, fresh fruit, sour cream and jam. They are a classic Russian crepe recipe.

Easy Savory Chicken Crepes

A really tasty breakfast crepe recipe that's perfect for the kiddos or if you need a grab and go meal. Serve these with sour cream and hot sauce!

Best Easy Crepes

If you're looking for a super easy crepe recipe, this ones for you! It's perfect for beginners or for those who do not have a whole lot of time.

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