7 Refreshing Summer Drinks


Creamy Coconut Blueberry Smoothie

Made with coconut, blueberries, and a hint of vanilla, this coconut smoothie is loaded with summer flavors.

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

Made with only fresh ingredients that are colorful and healthy, this will become a staple for all your summer parties and picnics.

Easy Summer Blueberry Refresher

This mint-infused blueberry cocktail is a thirst quencher with a lovely color and it tastes great too.

Refreshing Peach Lemonade Summer Drink

Delight in the sweet harmony of juicy peaches and zesty lemons, creating a revitalizing beverage that captures the essence of summer in every sip.

Grapefruit Lime Drink with Rosemary Simple Syrup

This grapefruit spritzer is full of fresh fruit and citrus juice mixed with sparkling water and a rosemary-infused simple syrup!

Fresh Apricot Smoothie with Strawberries

This delightful blend combines ripe apricots with the tangy brightness of strawberries, honey and greek yogurt.

Watermelon Strawberry Cooler

This watermelon strawberry cooler is hydrating, refreshing, and so ridiculously delicious. It’s easy to prepare and is the ultimate summer drink.

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