The Perfect Pumpkin Fall Cake

This Pumpkin Cake Roll recipe is packed with pumpkin goodness, a sweet, smooth ricotta cream, and is baked to perfection. Deliciously spiced, moist, and irresistibly decadent – this pumpkin roll recipe will have you craving for more.

You will need these ingredients

Start by mixing the dry ingredients and then set aside. Then mix together eggs, sugar, and pumpkin pie mix.  Stir in the dry ingredients to create the batter,

Pour the batter on to the baking sheet with lined parchment paper.

Sprinkle chopped walnuts onto the batter and then bake until it’s a dark brown color.

 As soon as you take it out of the oven, roll it with the parchment paper. Then, Unroll it, take off the parchment paper, and roll it back again. Let it cool down completely.

To make the frosting: With a hand mixer beat together ricotta cheese,  powder sugar, and vanilla. Add in softened unsalted butter, then beat for another minute.

After the roll has cooled down, unroll it and spread the cream inside. Roll it back up and sift powdered sugar on top!