15 Traditional Russian & Ukrainian Recipes


Simple and Light Russian Vinaigrette

Best One Pot Chicken and Rice Recipe (Chicken Pilaf or Plov)

Simple and Classic Red Borscht

Traditional Herring Salad with Layered Vegetables

Hearty Turkey Meatball Barley Soup with Potato and Pickles

Pirozhki with Mashed Potato Filling

Simple and Classic Olivier Salad

European Biskvit Cake with Easy Cream

Bread Machine Sweet and Soft Russian Walnut Roll Pastry

Simple and Delicate Puff Pastry Cones with Cream

Blueberry Cheese Cake for Breakfast

The Best Crunchy and Sweet No-Bake Chocolate Salami

Russian Sweet Cheese Filling Buns  (Vatrushka Buns)

Easter Bread Recipe in a Bread Machine with Icing (Paska)

Sugarless Dough Rogaliki

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