Drunken Cherry Chocolate Cake


This beautifully soft and airy Drunken Cherry Chocolate Cake has got it all. Every bite is an amazing melody of chocolate, smooth cream, juicy cherries, and a sweet wine taste.

You will need these ingredients

In a stand mixer combine eggs and sugar. While mixing, in a separate bowl sift baking powder, flour, and cocoa together.

Turn speed on mixer to the lowest and add in the flour and cocoa mix.

Transfer the batter to a cake pan and bake. Meanwhile, make the cherry for moistening the cake.

Combine the can of cherries and wine. Let  it stand while you prepare the cake frosting.

With a hand mixer, start mixing sweetened condensed milk and then add the cool whip.

Cut half an inch of the top of the cake, try to make it even. Then, carve out the middle of the cake and  leave about half an inch of the sides and bottom. Place the cake crumbles into the frosting.

Spread some juices from the cherries and wine into the bottom of the cake. Then, spread a layer of frosting, top with cherries and then more frosting . Top with more cherries and and cherry wine liquid.

Place the cake top on top and then top with chocolate glaze and place into the fridge to cool and until ready to serve.