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I am on Yummly! Here is why you should be there too

Planning your next meal can be stressful. Especially if you’re cooking for your family. 

How can I use up the ingredients in my fridge?

How do I make a meal that fits into my family’s specific dietary goals?

Can I keep track of what I need for my meals?

But what if there was something that could eliminate all those questions for you? Kind of like a kitchen sidekick?

I was introduced to an app I thought was too good to be true: Yummly.

This app promises to make mealtime less stressful. And I’ve got to say, it keeps to its promise. 

Tangy Smoked Tomatoes Chicken Soup with Vegetables

Here’s what Yummly does:

  • Offers recipe recommendations based on your taste buds and specific dietary goals
  • Has an entire library of videos – helping to expand your skills in the kitchen or walk you through an entire recipe
  • Allows you to bookmark your favorite recipes and organize them
  • Uses your phone’s camera to scan your fridge and come up with recipes with ingredients you already have on hand
  • Works with smart kitchen devices such as the Yummly Smart Thermometer to offer you the best cooking experience

Whether you can’t find your way around the kitchen or are a professional in terms of cooking, this app can work wonders for everyone – regardless of their experience level. 

Because let’s be real; sometimes coming up with the perfect recipe can be hard. Why not use some help? Yummly has hundreds of recipes that can wow your friends and family. Even if they follow a vegetarian diet. Or vegan. Or the Mediterranean. Maybe gluten-free. The best part? It’s free!

Healthy Fried Cauliflower Rice with Veggies

Let’s look at how to use Yummly:

First, I’d like to show you my favorite feature that Yummly provides: you can store all of your recipes in one place! Every recipe on my site has a “Yum Button” which you can press and save the recipe to your own categories. I like categorizing them by breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes, as well as smoothies and desserts. After you’ve “Yummed” a recipe, you can easily add it into meal planning and even make a shopping list directly from the recipe. All of these functions are super easy to set up and use daily.

The shopping-list function is a super helpful one. Sometimes, it’s difficult to use up an ingredient or two that you’ve bought for one recipe and had lots leftover of it.  Included in Yummly is a feature that helps you to find recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. Incorporating that information in with recipes that you have “Yummed”, Yummly helps you to make shopping lists. Along with that, it can even categorize your shopping list by aisle or category of food! It’s amazing and really simplifies shopping. 

Saving all of your recipes in one place helps not to have to go back and forth between different recipe options, and rather simplifies the ones that you’ve tried if you like or not. You can even add in custom notes for yourself so you don’t forget the small details that really matter! 

roasted carrots with sage

All of this sounds so great! But that’s not all: there’s even more!

If you’re looking for some extra set of hands in the kitchen, let it be these virtual ones. Because Yummly is the perfect partner to have when it comes to creating your favorite meals! 

Meal planning, knowing what to make from your ingredients at home, and keeping all of your recipes in one place: these three functions are generally regarded separately, but my recipes have a special button that makes all of these easy to use in one place: Yummly!

If you haven’t heard of Yummly before, today is a great day to hear. Keeping track of ingredients simple all in one place. 

In addition, Yummly has an amazing Smart Thermometer that multitasks for you in the kitchen! The Yummly app connects to help you cook meat to your desired doneness, timers to help you keep your food from burning, and programs to help you cook. The Smart Thermometer can help to make your summer BBQ cookouts easier! I use it all the time. Check out my post about it here. 

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