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Simple and Classic Olivier Salad

Olivier Salad is a Russian version of potato salad. Most Olivier recipes call for a Russian Bologna but this recipe has enough protein and vegetables in it, that skipping bologna won’t make a big difference in taste.

Simple and Easy Olivier Salad

This yummy Oliv salad is good for picnicking or even when company comes over. It's three main ingredients potatoes, egg, and pickles make this salad low calorie!

Herring Under A Fur Coat

Boiled vegetables with a layer of herring come together to make this beautiful, traditional Russian salad.

How to make Green Herb Soup with Sorrel

A tart sorrel soup but with a mild tasting broth come together to make this Green Herb Soup.

Easy and Classic Tomato and Cucumber Salad

The ultimate salads of all is this Classic Tomato and Cucumber salad. It’s on repeat when tomatoes and cucumbers are in season.

Green Cabbage Salad

Green Cabbage Salad will not only boost your immune system but also has big potential on becoming one of your favorite salads.

Refreshing Spring Radish with Simple Cucumber and Mint

Spring radish with cucumber and mint is a cold, refreshing salad that is sure to keep you hydrated in the warmer days.

How to make a Healthy Chicken Mushroom Veggie Salad

Chicken-Mushroom Veggie Salad is a cold salad with a hint of spices and packs in protein, vitamin B, and benefits the nerves and muscles.

Simple and Classic Borscht Recipe

This classic Russian beet soup also is known as Red Borscht uses lots of vegetables. Packed with health benefits with a lot of flavors!