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Simple 2 Ingredient Strawberry Jam from Scratch

Fresh or frozen straberries and some sugar is all thats needed to enjoy this yummy jam.

Easy and Quick 2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

Make this raspberry jam with fresh summer berries and freeze to be enjoyed all winter long!

Simple and Easy Homemade Apricot Jam with 3 Ingredients

No pectin in this jam! Homemade is the best kind of jam. It's so versatile and simple to make.

Easy Sour Cherries in Light Syrup with 3 Ingredients

If your cherry harvest was abundant this year, preserve your cherries by making them with a light syrup.

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
    Nut Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Easy Apple Jam with 2 Ingredients (homemade apple sauce)

An afternoon of apple picking can lead you to the kitchen where you can easily whip up this apple jam. It contains only two ingredients and is so warm and inviting, it'll be your new favorite jam recipe.

Easy Homemade Cranberry Jam

Just four simple ingredients, that make a sweet and tart homemade cranberry jam. It's perfect to serve for brunch along with toast and muffins.