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How to Make Basic Macarons Filled with Raspberry Jam

These raspberry macarons are irresistibly crispy, yet delicately moist. It’s the perfect bite, every bite.

How to Make Ratatouille with Tomato Sauce

A beautiful dish coming together with fresh vegetables to make a nutritous meal.

The Only Easy Crepe Recipe You Will Ever Need

If you just want one solide crepe recipe in your recipe book, this is it!

Simple Eclairs with Easy Filling

Homemade eclairs are easy to make with a cream filling and chocolate glazed top.

  • Nut Free
    Nut Free

How to make a Nicoise Salad

This nicoise salad is packed full of vitamins and nutrition. Taste the flavors of France in a bowl.

  • Vegetarian

Easy 20 Minute Madeleine Cookies

Soft and delicious madeline cookies that you can make in 20 minutes!