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How To Start Exercising

Starting exercise is not easy. 

It is common knowledge that it often takes a lot more strength to start doing something new than to actually do it consistently. Exercising is an activity that a lot of people find very hard to start with. This may be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Laziness
  • Lack of faith in the end result
  • Lack of self confidence
  • No proper plan
  • No proper goal
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of self control

It can be very difficult to get over these factors and begin to make positive changes in one’s routine and lifestyle through exercise. However, with the proper tips and guidelines, you can develop the strength and motivation to start exercising. Once you get into the process, you will feel much better – both physically and mentally.

Here’s how to start exercising:

Make a plan:

Exercising is not a one-time activity. You need a proper plan, for which you should consult experts or doctors. They will tell you about the kind of exercise you need, and you can choose a fitness regime that is suitable to you. Do not choose a plan that seems overwhelming, as this can put you off before you even start exercising. Choose something that you think will be both enriching and beneficial to you, and can be fitted into your daily routine easily.

Get ready:

You must be fully prepared before you start exercising. Buy yourself the right kind of gymwear, so that you are comfortable while exercising. Also, select a particular time of the day that you can set aside for exercising. If it is early in the morning, and you need to wake up earlier than you usually do, then start setting an alarm each day. Get your body clock to adjust by waking up a bit earlier each day and doing things around the house – cleaning your room, packing your lunch, etc. Once your body has adjusted to this schedule, start with your exercises. You must also remember to set aside a space in your house for exercising. Preferable that space should receive a lot of natural light and wind, and give you the opportunity to move around.

Remind yourself why you want to exercise:

This is very important as it helps to keep you motivated. You may be exercising because you want to lose weight, get fit, or recovering from a surgery or an illness. Keep your goals and objectives in mind when you feel like procrastinating. Constantly regulate yourself to stay focused on that ultimate aim, and you will overcome hurdles like lethargy etc. You can even write your goals down on a piece of paper and pin it up on a board, so that while you are exercising, you can keep an eye on them. Here’s a guide on 8 ways to exercise for free!

Realize that it is a lifestyle change:

It is unlikely that simply exercising will help you reach your goal. You have to make changes in your lifestyle, and make it healthy and balanced in an overall sense. Try to eat better and avoid habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Once you make these changes, you will gain a lot more from your exercising too. You can learn about so many more aspects of life that can be changed to improve your health. For example: Wi-Fi!

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